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a passionate adventurer


What do I value as a designer

- Collaboration: Open to discussion with other perspectives in the team.
- User research: It gives insights into what users needs, the product should be user-centered when it comes to design.
- Ethics: Stay away from the dark pattern design.

My interest in design

- I enjoy conducting interviews with users, by listening to their opinions, it's interesting to hear different perspectives towards the same product/service.
- I like to map out the user journey to have a holistic overview of the process that users are going through, in this way, it can help me to identify potential pain points in the product design. 
- I am particularly interested in healthcare and well-being technologies, compare to commercial platforms, I wish I could dedicate myself to something really help and improve people's happiness in life.

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Three experiences to see me

- I had a gap year in Australia.

-I have always had a dream to work in the United Nations.

-I have lived in 4 foreign countries: Estonia, Australia, Italy, and the Netherlands.



What I did/am proud of as an HCI Master student

- I participated in over 10 group projects, some of them are interdisciplinary teams so I met difficult times to communicate with different background teammates to reach an agreement on the project. It taught me to communicate clearly enough, using the common understanding language for comprehension. There are a lot of things that could be learned and practiced during group projects, such as leadership, presentation, communication, etc. And sometimes in order to team up with others for the best performance, the sacrifice of self-will is also needed. From group projects, I transformed from a person who was shy to talk about her opinions to fight for the ideas, meanwhile, I also observed how other people would do in group projects so that I can continue making progress.   

- I did my Erasmus exchange study at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, I went there during a strict lockdown, it was a hard period for everyone. The first several months, we only had online lectures and I barely went outside, only for groceries. However, I learned to adapt to the new cultural environment and class setting quickly, and learned to start enjoying life in the Netherlands even in a tough situation. 

-I participated in many competitions such as Hackathon, UX challenge, Climathon. I felt passionate to work with colleagues for a better solution. Such competition is usually 24 hours non-sleeping, so we had to hurry to come up with a solution but also pay attention to details. Hence teamwork is essential, everyone takes part and has ownership in their part of the work. These competitions taught me to think and take action in order, the time is limited, so we had to plan wisely and cut to the point when taking an action.  


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What I expect to be

- UX designer/ Product designer who is engaged in making design decisions for the product, responsible for the user experiences with a dept perspective from user research.

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Personal me

- I like writing blogs about my study life abroad

- I play the violin for church service

- I can also play drums, I was in the school orchestra 

- I self-taught guitar during pandemics.

- I traveled to 18+ countries and looking forward 

to see more countries and cities. 

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