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Behaviour change for postpartum women

Intelligent stroller 

Keyword:  Literature review, brainstorming, UI design, concept design, prototyping, presentation


My role: Half lead of the project on each meeting about what we should do and make sure everyone was on the same page. 

Team: Elena Jiménez Quesada, Hao Yang, Kristina Matyushina, Mihnea Udrea, Muhan Liu

Do you know...?

During pregnancy, women face a lot of changes in their bodies. These changes intensify after giving birth, normally, women having more weight than expected.This leads to dissatisfaction with their self-image, which is strongly related to the mental health of the new mothers.

Physical Activities as Prevention against mental diseases

Doing physical activities can help decrease risks during and after pregnancy and improve a woman's well-being are essential.


The barriers postpartum women facing

1. No much time spending on self

2. Busy with taking care of the baby

3. Low motivation on doing physical activities

Motivate and promote postpartum women do physical activities

Hence the goal of the project is:

Our theoretical framework:

The Transtheoretical Module


Relapse prevention

Social Cognitive Theory

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Valuable feedback

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Alternative plan

Social support

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