UX Challenge

  For Pervoice Company 


One-week design sprint challenge for a web application (Pervoice) that allows the user to translate, transcript, and subtitle for audio/videos. Our challenge is to find problems in its accessibility, usability, and improve its usability, feasibility, desirability for the three main functionalities.

What we've done

Based on the design sprint procedure, we started by mapping out the problems and prioritizing them into four main categories, and ideating for solutions in which we reconstructed the user flow and made some sketches in preparation of prototype and test the prototype with users, in the end, we modify some design decision into our final interactive prototype.

Keywords: Design sprint; Sketch; Wireframes;                          Usability testing

Tools: Figma; Axure; Google slides

Team: Muhan, Francesca, Sedy, Simona

My Role: UX designer


1st Map Problems

We first put the design goals, inputs, requirements, and boundaries as "How Might We - HMWs". 

Secondly, we clustered them, and the main issues appeared naturally into four categories: User flow, My list, Menu, User info.

And our objective is to minimize the steps from the Log-in page to the main functionalities page (Translate, Transcription, Subtitling )
WeChat Screenshot_20220219161832.png
Home page.png
user page.png

"Snapshots of the previous version"

2nd Ideating and sketch

We draw out the user flow for the current website, and we identify some overlap steps that can be taken away, so we reconstructed the user flow as can be seen on the right side, the comparison of previous and current defined user flow. With some sketches to show the process.


image (1).png


WeChat Image_20220219163011.png

Some sketches

3rd Prototype

We first had some drafted wireframes, one example is the sidebar menu and top bar menu and we decided within the team to go with the sidebar menu.
WeChat Screenshot_20220219164739.png

Horizontal menu

WeChat Screenshot_20220219164807.png

Vertical menu

create a work.png
Create a new work to translate/subtitling/transcribe
video extract.png
View all my works: Transcription/transcription/subtitling
Extract text from a video

4th User testing

Francesca and Simona tested our prototype with four first-time users to see if there's anything in our design need to be changed. We modified our prototype based on the result of the testing.

"A snapshot of the tesing"

Final deliveries

Log-in page + Create a new work
  1. A left-side menu bar that can open and close

  2. User license on the top part of the page

  3. Recent work that is more accessible to the user

  4. Selected function

Navigational menu
  1. Categorized works: All works, Transcription, Translation, Subtitling, Trash

  2. Open-closed Side menu

Extract text from a video

Pop-up window instead of redirect to another web page



It's a good time to work with a team that everyone is dedicated to their work, we had days overworking 12+hours to make the final deliveries look good and we got very positive feedback from the company that they would like to apply our design to their web application in the near future.

However, there is still something to reflect on, first of all, not all of our teammates come from an HCI background which means not all of us has enough knowledge of User-centered design, so there are tough times to argue with an idea, for example, someone insisted to delete a feature from our design because of the result they got from user testing, because I and another teammates don't speak Italian, so we didn't get involved in the part of user testing and designing the tasks and questions to ask, and I as a designer don't agree with "what user tells are right." We should focus more on why users don't like the feature and how we can fulfill that need for the user. 
Second of all, I usually enjoy doing the user research part, it is a big part for me in the design process, so it's a big pity for me that couldn't join this time due to the language.

For future development, if there's an opportunity to develop this project further, I would like to have a co-creation workshop with the real users to generate more ideas for the product.