Design for Social inclusion - Pandemic Times


During Pandemic times, discrimination behaviors increased.

As a Chinese student living in Italy during pandemic time, me and my Chinese friends met social discrimination that strangers on the street called us Corona Virus.


The goal

To find the common pattern from last pandemics and find a way to

spread the awareness of the human harmful inclination to pinpoint a scapegoat when it comes to a pandemic.



My role

I was responsible for 4 out of 5 times group presentation for each stage, it's a group project, we started from the state of art, I searched information about China under Pandemics and compare it with Western countries. 

01- State-of-Art

We started from "State of Art" which means at this stage, we searched for tons of information that related to Pandemics, and present the main idea from it. Then from these information, we as a group needed to figure out which specific area we want to dig in. 

As our research found under Covid-19 and other pandemics, social discrimination is a forever-lasting topic and it's worth to bring it to the table, we decided to tackle this social problem.

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Our conclusion for the state of Art


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After our brain storm, I brought up an idea from "Experience your funeral" which is an activity that is popular in Asian countries. It brings participants simulated experience of their funeral in order to teach people make everyday life meaningful and be appreciated to everything they've own. After this idea, another idea from my colleague was about travel exhibition which is a moving exhibition because of its reduplicate feasibility.

In the end, we combine both of the idea to form a unique travel exhibition/ game to teach people about social discrimination and raise people's awareness.

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As we formed our ideas into a Traveling exhibition/game, we started look into feasibility. We evaluate from perspectives of replicability,  achievability. 

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We try to detail our design, make it understandable and imaginable to audience. We drew a map and complete the flow of the exhibition. Meanwhile we think about the props that we need to use during the exhibition.

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We aim at creating a form of non-tech activity, so we calculate the cost only on materials, props that we need to use. Because of its east to run, we could hire volunteers from college and we found EU has investment for social inclusion project that at least 80 euros per person in the team. We calculate the cost, and since it's non benefit activity, we look for cooperation with local museum in Trento, to create a win-win situation.

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06-Final report

You can see our final presentation here

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